Central Park in Snow: a Gift!

Certainly a gift for me and good ol’ iPhone 6 walking around Central Park for a couple of hours  yesterday after the snow. Not a lot of snow, maybe 10 inches or so, but enough to on bring the beauty of winter. These snaps are one result, and they’re my gift to you.

Looking down onto Bethesda Fountain minus the usual crowds but nonetheless a source of delight for those who positioned themselves so perfectly for my snap.

The remarkable tree at the top of Naturalists Gate at Central Park West and 77th Street.

Four elves cleverly disguised as…what? I’m still not sure, but they are cute.

Back to Bethesda Fountain, this time it’s my shadow selfie moment.

The Pond with Bow Bridge in the background. Yes, I’ve several thousand more snaps of this bridge.

Same pond as above.

  And, yes, the same pond.

President Lincoln outside the New-York Historical Society.

And sometimes just looking down is reason enough to look down.

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Enable AMP!

WordPress has changed my world by changing the editing software I’ve been using since 2006. On top of that they’ve informed me that I’m about to use up my 3 gigs of free space and suggest I start paying them to continue being able to post Welcome! I’m trying hard to not believe that all this is not tied into COVID-19 or the right to carry an AK-47 into Dunkin’ Donuts or even the election of a Democrat President or the UCONN Women’s basketball schedule. Whatever and beliefs notwithstanding, I’ve figured out how to create and post using the new format and have applied for Federal funding to meet the $4 per month debt I’m about to incur. Let this be my close-to-last insight of 2020: It all works outpretty much.

As for “Enable AMP,” I’ve no idea what AMP is, but I am now in position to engage or disable it as I choose.

And now the pictures!

#2 train socially isolated

Amsterdam Avenue in the rain


Henri’s rooftop on West 86th Street

Chelsea Piers

The Met empty enough to see the artwork


Smoke break on E. 43rd near UN

Central Park pond

Amsterdam & 76th

Ghost in the subway

Living room shelf

The Highline


                                            Mr. Plow & Mr. Sun




From the Highline

And an afterthought: Some one of you who‘re reading this actually know what AMP stands for. Please use the “comments” section to tell me. Obviously it doesn’t enable me to get the desired spacing between the last snap and it’s caption.

Those of you who don’t know what it stands for, here’s your chance to get funny.

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