In the Neighborhood!

Verdi Square-ish

Claude Monet said these things and Christie’s used them to narrate a video of his Waterloo Bridge paintings.

“A landscape does not exist since it’s appearance changes at every moment.”

“What I want to reproduce is what lies between the motif and me.”

“It is only the surrounding atmosphere that gives subjects their true value.”

“I want to grasp the intangible.”

“All I did was to look at what the universe showed me, to let my brush bear witness to it.”

What Monet saw depended on the place at which he stood and the moment at which he stood there: the angle, the light, the amount and quality and quantity of mist and smoke in the air between him and the bridge. What was intangible was the consciousness he brought to that place in that moment: his mood and intelligence and values and concerns, the totality of his unique and continually evolving self. So too is it with the photographer. Knowingly or not, fully aware or magnificently ignorant, spontaneous or studied, the photographer seeks to use his skill with the camera in harmony with his post-processing abilities to show to others not what was there but what he’d been shown as he saw it.

Amsterdam & W. 76

W. 72nd Street

76 and Amsterdam: light rain

Imagine in Central Park

West 67th

West 67th

Amsterdam Avenue

Messenger texting behind the Beacon

Amsterdam Avenue

Amsterdam Avenue

Amsterdam Avenue

Amsterdam Avenue

175 hallway

Central Park from Oak Bridge

CPW & 77th

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  1. Sweet selection; I especially like the impressionistic mirroring and voyeurism of the multi-storied building with living vignettes in little squares…

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  2. Loved your eclectic choice of subject,enhanced by your lighting.


  3. You may do this for your own satisfaction and benefit Richard, but let me assure you that as a viewer of your art, I benefit as well. Beautiful post. Thank you.

    Norm Aulabaugh


  4. Fine images, the reflection ones are some of your most painterly, really nice…


  5. barbara;

    Love your work!!

    carole g;
    The other link also worked for me. The photos are beautiful. Some look like paintngs, at least on my phone. Thanks for sending and have a good weekend.


  6. What a pleasure viewing your photos. You have such an eye!


  7. Hi, Have forwarded. You have captured the pandemic. Like the photo of the restaurant we are all open but closed, for now.
    Thanks for sending! –Sandy


  8. Bruce K:

    Hi Richard,

    I like the photos in your last batch. I think your sense of color and composition is maturing and getting stronger. The chair in light rain is funny and tells a story. The two picture with bicycles have a special point of view – your own. I like the last two photos of Central Park. In fact, my favorite — the best of the batch, in my opinion — is the icy-slushy pond. There’s a light naturalness to the photo, a belying offhandness, that captures the naturalness of nature. The lines in the branches, in the snow on top of the slush, the two holes where rocks were thrown in, the brown from the shore staining the ice in the lower left corner. The photo doesn’t try to impress. There’s something for me to learn and absorb from this photo. Interesting


  9. I always enjoy what you are looking at; intriguing angles!
    Linda W


  10. Atget Jr.NYC


  11. my fav. view thru fence) Typically Dick’s style ! B well!

    Vuong N.


  12. Some comments sent thru email:

    Reuben E:
    Richard, I wanted to express how much I appreciate receiving your emails. And yes they do make me happy!! Thank you.

    barbara s:
    These are great!

    Bill K:
    Great work, Richard. I especially liked “175 Hallway.” And you do great things with reflections and views through windows.

    wiping a smudge
    from the window

    Blessings, Bill K


  13. Nice read

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