Nine Snaps and Then Three More

The first 8–all recent–photos were thrown up in random order by forces ruling technology. I thought of protesting, of diligently rearranging them according to some structure of chronology or location then decided that was just the voice of my New England schooling and it’s incessant demand for order. The last three though, I made sure to arrange so as to support my little bit of narration. Richie and I were both 23 in 1965 when I, mourning the death of my dad, dropped out of grad school and moved to New York to become a starving poet. Richie owned half a bar, a joint called The Annex on Avenue B between 10th and 11th, which was annexed to nothing beyond the whole incredible ethos of the East Village as it emerged from the Lower East Side.

When I checked “The Annex” in my blog look up, it produced four more entries:

Whatever, here’s some brief respite from concerns of pandemic, race, religious, political and gender hatreds.




Outside MoMA


Under 103rd and Broadway


Amsterdam & 79th


Viewing the Alice Neel show at the Met Museum


Broadway at 125th


125th west of Broadway


125th west of Broadway


The Highline crossing 10th Avenue around 30th Street


Grafitto on the A train platform under 8th & 34th subway

*   *   *

And now the “Three More.” Think of these as a short story and, having done so, feel free to create your own plot. Should you actually do so, please continue feeling free and submit your creation as a comment. Rest assured it will be printed.

RSG, who in 1965 lived across East 11th Street, remarkably near Avenue B, from the Free Public Baths of the City of New York.

The very baths referenced in the caption above.


Richie V, the man who in 1965 gave the man who lived across from those

Baths his very first job in New York City and who now lives in the

self-same building occupied in 1965 by  the (I love this word!) self-same RSG.

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  1. Duncan C:
    Great pictures Goldi, Goldie, Goldy, Goldey ( or whoever the f****you are)

    Laura L:
    Your photos take us on a journey through the time of Covid. So representative. Bravo!


  2. Andrea C:
    CONGRATS on outside MoMA and Highline Crossing 11th Ave around 30th


  3. Leslie G:
    Great photos! Miss you guys! Hope all is well.


  4. Susan A M:

    Your use of color (and black and white) is marvelous. Thanks for letting me see these.


  5. LESLIE W:
    Loved the shots & really enjoyed the coming of age lookbacks….

    Fredric R:
    Enjoyed your latest batch of photos. They feel less ‘processed’ (a good thing in my eyes).


    • Fred: Thanks. Perhaps my use of post-processing is becoming more subtle. Perhaps it’s more in harmony with what originally drew me to the image depicted. In either case I’m glad it’s working better for you.


  6. Your photographs are exquisite!! Thank you Richard!
    I hope that you and your family are all very well.
    ~ Letitia


  7. Admire that you always capture a great picture of a place I love in NYC, a place I have never seen, and a place that I have been thinking about!
    Thanks so much! Sandy


  8. Marge K: These are lovely, Richard.


  9. From Phil P: I loved your snaps. I forwarded it to Carole.


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