Reality??? So much more so!!!

RSG On the train

Let’s start here by stating the simple, direct and utterly unmitigated truth:

I love New York City!

Don’t ask me “Why?” or tell me “That’s because…” Just look at the pictures!


This morning, having returned swiftly and joyfully by bicycle thru midtown traffic–including a spin around Columbus Circle– from the cardiologist’s with a glowing health report, it occurred to me yet again that my reality far surpasses anything I’m capable of imagining. My waking hours are filled with actually living in the city of my dreams two blocks from the park of those dreams and with the love of better than my dreams. I have an adequate bike and the perfect camera–it even has a phone and a jukebox inside–and I spend my time among the most varied and often delighting and–to be sure challenging–art, architecture and human beings more than imaginable right here in my actual, every day world.

Let me take you on a little tour.

First, in my world “glum” becomes mysterious and foreboding…

…or downright scary.


…Or who knows what in the bay of a truck.

Then dead white oaks appear fully grown and in profusion right where Broadway (the famous one) meets 5th Avenue (also the famous one.)




An empty hallway becomes an adventure.

The same for an empty room although, perhaps, a much more peaceful and meditative adventure.


An empty loading dock reveals itself as a work of art.

A neighborhood church becomes both a cathedral and an oasis.


A rich man comes along and builds an island that emerges on cement pillars from the river flowing just two blocks away and turns it into a park and invites me to come enjoy!


If that’s not enough, restaurants create outdoor shelters that I might celebrate with lobsters even in times of pandemic.


Even the Sanitation Department creates fantastical structures housing who-will-ever-know-what to delight my eyes and my fantasies. Of course, there might actually be an enormous dragon in there eating all the trash. As some folks would say, “Hey! You never know.”

The subway, the one everybody’s so busy bitching about, it not only goes wherever I want to go whenever I want to go there, it even ventures outdoors to create new realities in motion.

It even crosses over rivers to give me ever-changing images to pass on–in this case–to you.

There’s a memorial to a dead President that hosts sunsets and since 1964 The Jazzmobile with free real jazz for all of us.


And when it rains you can bet your ass it rains!

So, if you wanna to sing, there’s so much more than the tunes you already know:

Here’s Sinatra:

And here’s Billy Joel:


Right now this one really gets me. It’s not Frank Sinatra or Billy Joel, but I’m not as old as I used to be.

26 Songs about New York


In response to a special request, here’s Alicia Keys singing Empire State of Mind solo with lyrics writ out large.

And another write-out of the lyrics and Jay-Z’s rap with all the references to them:


That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it. What’s yours? There’s a “comments” icon coming up. Click on it and let us know about you and NYC.

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  1. really wonderful pix, as always.
    i trust you guys are well
    Much love,



  2. You know this one

    even in Kyoto
    hearing the cuckoo
    I long for Kyoto

    Who has seen New York?


  3. Eileen P:

    Your new blog post is alive with your pleasure in life, your enthusiasm for the city and your striking photos.
    My favorites are the homeless men on the bench and the other-worldly contents of a truck. But they’re all works of art.

    Wish the lyrics of Alicia’s song were there. She’s lovely, but I barely understood what she was singing. The rapper? Not a word.

    All in all, a great blog post.


  4. barbara s:
    Love your work Richard!!

    Gerard B:
    This is really wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

    “If you are not happy here and now, you never will be.”

    —Taisen Deshimaru

    Constance K:

    Enjoyed the tour. Always old/new things to see and appreciate.

    Phyllis M:
    Thanks Richard for sending these pictures I enjoyed them all a also your commentary


  5. Dear Richard,
    I can’t thank you enough for your uplifting email and your extraordinary photos!!!
    All gifts!!
    Warmest wishes and gratitude,


  6. Micki M:
    Rich, it is always a pleasure to see your “snaps” and read your comments.

    I saw a book entitled. HUMANS OF NEW YORK. by Brandon Stanton. St. Martin’s Press. New York and I think you might enjoy it so if you oget a chance take a look. I’m sure you’re sufficiently savvy to get a sample on line.

    It is all photos of people and a sentence or paragraph that pertains…


  7. It’s a fine book!


  8. Hard to beat NYC maybe Chicago is a 2nd fav of mine. Moving to a small college town in Oregon almost 50 years ago had me realizing how lucky I was to know such ethnic diversity from my early days in the City. That diversity only existed in our international PHD students.
    I always felt every picture was a worthy picture if taken in NYC. Thank you for this journey.


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