An 80 year old looks at light

Just before my 80th birthday I posted this series on Facebook with the caption, “Five thoughts on the last night of my 79th year.” This was clearly about experiencing rather than articulating those thoughts. More and more

my photography is moving further away from my intellect and closer to my emotions. The joy of experiencing light is at the heart of this transition. Here’s what I mean:

9th & 33rd from the M 11


Across 5th from the Met


kitchen morning




Empire State Building from 34th and 7th


And, of course, Central Park, this time just before sunset in winter.

I know we’ve got to be concerned about COVID-19 and the cold and slippery sidewalks and and people  with evil or simply broken minds out to do random others harm. I know first-hand about reckless automobile and bicycle and even scooter drivers. Still, you can’t let all that keep you away from the thousand manifestations of beauty available to you daily.

Be reckless yourself–enjoy!

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  1. Lovely photographs, capturing light and color and mood. Thank you for sharing what you saw and experiences.


  2. Great pictures Richard. You capture beauty to lighten our day. What a great way to help us forget all the troubles of this world. Thank you. Norm


  3. Some of your best work to date!


  4. Congratulations on your birthday! Great to see your work and know you aren’t deterred from going out and about.  SandySent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device


  5. Rochelle G

    Thank you for sharing these pictures. The light pictures are wonderful. My favorites are the one in Central Park and the picture across from the Met- great color

    Susan Rowe
    I congratulate you on all your adventures.

    Susan R:
    Thanks, Richard. It’s good that you can look at all these familiar scenes with “fresh” eyes. I believe you when you say,”I love New York!” It is quite apparent.


  6. Danita G
    Dear Rich,
    Thanks so much. What a treat. I love your photographs. The light ones and the ones of you and your idea to capture and respond to your emotions— not to mention anything New York City— i just love your “eye”. And how you always see beauty through design or light or color juxtapositions or subject matter— a feast for the eyes and soul. Thank you,

    PS I’m a big NYC fan as well !!!


  7. love these!
    Thank you for keeping me on your list.
    Stay safe & well!



  8. You haven’t aged a day! The pictures are beautiful as always. I particularly like the Central Park picture and the Empire State area one.


  9. Lovely photos!


  10. Reuben E:
    Thank you for keeping me in mind & sending this to me.

    Luis R:
    My friend a Great assortment of Pictures!!


  11. En”light”ening post. Love the pictures and the insight. As a Chinese statement says and I feel about the transition of 79 to 80…..soon come!
    Thank you , I will be sharing.


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