Central Park: spring rain

(I begin with a parenthetical remark having to do not with my topic but rather with my process. This is an experiment and a hope. After having been disconnected from my blog for a while now there is a chance that I have succeeded in reconnecting and will once again be able to post. Maybe not. The photograph above, residual raindrops and bright green leaves, was drafted before everything went wrong with my computer, my hard drive, and both my connection to and my relationship with the host of this blog, WordPress. Now, with the help of one of WordPress’ s technicians, I may be back in business. Let’s see what happens…)

WOO! Something’s working!

Bow Bridge is a wonderful place to start. No doubt you’re seen it many times no matter where you live and no matter if you’ve ever been to New York City. It is beautiful. And rainy days like it’s remarkably tranquil while in bright sunlight it’s so covered with people from all over the planet taking selfies that it’s almost impossible to walk across. Still there is an environment of genuine joy in that crowd that is unmistakable and inescapable, so you just slow down and bathe in it.

Moving right along to…

Oak Bridge. Oak Bridge is another favorite of visitors from all over, the perfect spot for a selfie showing the pond and, on a clear day, the high-rises of Midtown–most of which are hated by a large majority of New York City residents. Me, I like them.

Oak Bridge leads into The Ramble, the one area of Central Park in which I am still quite capable of getting lost. Getting lost in The Ramble is a real treat for somebody like me who thinks he knows much more than he actually does. It’s not just that it’s a refreshingly humbling experience, it is absolutely enlightening. At every turn there is something new to see, something new to appreciate and the opportunity for some new insight whether sought or not. Spots like this one:

or this one:

Come out of The Ramble and be greeted by this!

(Now I’m being told that I’ve run out of space and can add no more snaps.)

(Now wordPress says I can’t post the abbreviated post. I’m running out of parentheses, but don’t fret, I can handle it.)

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