Windows: clean and dirty and sometimes wet

Usually when I look through a window I think, pure and simple, I’m seeing what’s out there. ‘Truth is, what I’m seeing I’m actually seeing through the filter of the window: rain drops (and their intriguing slide-downs), dirt, smears, reflections, all that inhabit even the clearest and cleanest panes of optically neutral glass that fill the windows of my life.

No! This is not a metaphor for the mind as a filter busily re-identifying and evaluating what’s perceived by the senses–but it could be, I guess. Whatever, here are some photos made through glass. Enjoy!

                  Broadway and 86th Street from the bus shelter


                  Central Park from the 79th Street Transverse bus.


                   Manhattan Chinatown


                  Central Park South from the M7 bus.


                       Astoria from the #7 subway


              The corner of Flushing and Bushwick Avenues, Brooklyn


                    Jackson Heights, Queens


                   Upper West Side, Manhattan


                  Somewhere around Lincoln Center


                    Subway conductor


                                                   In a restaurant


                                                          From the #7 train


                                                Under the George Washington Bridge


Maybe Edward Hopper ate here


Back under the GWB


                                             Back in Manhattan Chinatown


Manchester Connecticut

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