It continues…

OK, so in some ways I’m less like I used to be: more accepting of who I am, less eager to be who somebody else might want me to be, less eager to be who I might want me to be.  Not too long ago I wouldn’t have published the writing below, feeling it was “too” something-or-other, definitely not cool enough, definitely not in keeping with the self image I’d constructed and cherished.

Anyhow, Mike and Jenny, mentioned below, are my step son and his wife, uncle and aunt to our new grandsons, Christopher and Benjamin.  NuNu is a grandmother to the boys.

All my writing reflects all l’ve read, so please don’t be surprized at things sounding familiar.  The poem about my poetry echos Ryokan, a Japanese zen monk and my current favorite poet.

Softly these come to me

not as ideas or feelings

but more like the breeze that moves the leaves

this sunny morning after coffee

in Mike & Jenny’s yard.:

Butterflies never fly off course.

Happiness is an abstraction…

And (#2 being true) so is despair.

* * *



all else

is imagination or labeling.

* * *

For this moment I understand

my poetry doesn’t have to be good

or original

or even poetry.

What a relief!

* * *

Sitting alone

In NuNu’s backyard

Just where shadow meets sunlight

Surrounded by movement

Fragrance and sound

Wind thru the trees and

The love of family.

* * *

How can you not be angry at that which angers you?

Try this: Imagine twin boys at age 2

bright as a brilliant summer morning

running helter-skelter through a big green back yard

Yelling to unseen crows

and being understood.

* * *

A fly lands on my right leg.

My left foot brushes it away.

My face smiles.

No fly-no smile.

Thanks, God.

* * *

That part of me

that thinks I’m special,

that part of me is itself specialbecause that part of me knowsdeep down beyond any bit of doubt:

I am not special.

Sitting, reading, walking

feeling, thinking, wishing


When you cut me, I bleed.

No more than that.

* * *

Like the ocean to a fish

Like the wind to a bird

So God is to us

and so, too, is love.

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At 6:20 a.m. Bobbie and I received a phonecall from Bobbie’s daughter (and my beloved stepdaughter) Kim announcing that the moment had come.  She and husband Sal were on their way from home in Enfield, Connecticut, to St. Francis Hospital in Hartford for the birth of their sons.  By 8:34 a.m. Bobbie and I were on a train leaving Grand Central for New Haven, an email confirming our car reservation at Avis in the New Haven station in my pocket.  At 10:31 Benjamin Thomas Calcasola, then known as Baby A, emerged by emergency Caesarian Section, to be followed a minute later by Christopher Eugene Calcasola, then known as Baby B.  At noon Bobbie and I were holding these new humans in our arms.


Kim and Sal are doing very well.  He’s gotten some sleep and she a shower.


 As for us grandparents, for us it couldn’t be better!

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Some of the people…

polish-princesses.JPGWhen I’m not taking pictures of myself…

3d.JPGgloria.JPG polish-princesses.JPGpolish-princesses.JPGkim-sal.JPG lil-bob.JPG100_1259.JPGDave & Denise jack.JPGjudith-1006.JPG

Anyhow, click your magic mouse on the snaps to see ’em larger.

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Happy Thanksgiving from all to all!


Let me begin with a small rant.  For the last two plus hours I’ve been trying to get the above photograph to fit into this format.  At one point I even gave up altogether and opened a new site on Blogger because it is linked to Picasa, my photo program.  Needless to say I found a way to make that not work.  So, back to wordpress.  Now (and by “now” of course, I mean my own enraged “now” of the moment) my little edit screen is showing a full version of the picture, not just an enormous Sal in front of a moderately sized Kim in front of mama (in-law)Joann.  At the time this picture was taken I was truly embued with thanks for all.  Bobbie, aided by son Mike and his wife, Jenny, did wonderful service in getting all ready (NO!  I wasn’t being lazy.  I was being sick–although not so sick as to keep stepdaughter Kim and the twins-to-be from attending.  More like exhausted and achy sick rather than contageous sick.)

Finally 21 of us gathered in our living room for a meal that couldn’t be beat.  Which reminds me I forgot to make everyone listen to “Alice’s Restaurant Masacree” on the old Victrola there with the scratches and the pops and maybe even by now a skip or two.  Anyhow by the time I realized that it was indeed time to sit down and eat everybody had sat down and was eating, so I didn’t get a chance to ask each and every one of the people at the Thanksgiving table just what it was that they were thankful for on this particular Thanksgiving day.

Consequently I’m gonna do that now.  I’m gonna ask each and every one of you out there in blogland to write in the little comments box at the end of this paragrapgh and tell me and anyone else who cares to look up in the comments section what it is you’re thankful for at this Thanksgiving time of year.

That’s assuming that when I hit the saved and publish buttons that those two things actually do happen.

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