Why now?

The melodrama: Last thursday I applied for Medicare.  When my parents were my age they’d been dead for 4 years–longer if you believe the Ellis Island shipping logs.  I work in the South Bronx, regularly ride my bicycle in traffic and don’t watch my diet as closely as I once did.  In short: it’s time. The reality: Blogging has become really easy to do.  I’ve got a bunch of poetry and pictures I’d like to share.  There’s a recently renewed interest in a writing exercise which occassionally produces some things worth sharing.  This seemed the best way to share without holding anyone hostage. There’s even opportunity for readers to send me comments, an opportunity to test both my vanity and the thickness of my skin.  More importantly, it’s an opportunity to get the kind of feedback that will help me grow. So, read, look, write back if you’re inclined. Be well. Goldberg ******************************************************************************** Now a bit of explanation:  For my first 23 years I was known as “Dick” to virtually everyone.  Family, friends, friends’ families, teachers, employers and them that knew them all called me “Dick” without any problems on their parts or mine.  Then I moved to New York City (“Wow, just like I pictured it!), where “Dick” referred to either that most masculine of body parts of someone regarded with the utmost disdain.  Not one to set myself  in opposition to the linguistic world, I became Richard. Now somewhere in the middle of this “Richard” era there was a brief period of roughly 25 years when, thanks to the fine folks at the Allstate Cafe, name number 3, “Goldie,” came into being.    Every once in a while one of them turns up–praise be to the preservative aspect of alcohol–so “Goldie” lives.  And, of course family and the crew from Hartford Public High School is still able to call me “Dick” without either of us blushing.  And, of course of course, for the rest it’s “Richard.”  Except for my clients who call me (get this) “Mr. Goldberg.”  All of which is why on this blog I call myself “Goldberg.”  Does that make sense?

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